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Two mathematical conjectures regarding the mission "The Los Santos Connection" of Grand Theft Auto Online.

The first states that if three or more players are present, at least one will be idle, and that if a full lobby of six are present, at least two will be idle. This can be expressed as follows:

Let x = number of players idle and y = number of players present.

x β‰₯ y/3, always rounding down for x.

The second states that no matter how many players are present, no more than one will ever survive to the point of arriving at the airport (typically they will die at the compound while they or their teammate are hacking the laptop).
Joe, Bob, and Bill thought that they had a good chance of finishing "The Los Santos Connection", but were foiled when Bob was idle and Bill died at the compound; they had failed to account for the Los Santos Conjectures.
by Raul Menendez October 15, 2014
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