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A club that worships Lemons and Saucepans alike.

Founded by : Lemon Lezog Lemming LeMoon

Co-founded by: Marty Vibratey Saucepany

To become a member you must indure an intense spanking session by either myself or the co-founder. You must then recite 'the little book of complete bollocks'

Having completed these tasks you will then be given a name.

The ten comandments of the Lemon and Saucepan club:

1. Thou shalt not worship any other fruit vegetable or kitchen appliance

2. Thou shalt not idolise any other fruit vegetable or kichen appliance

3. Thou shalt not mistreat Lemons or Saucepans, And thou shalt not use any lemon or saucepan for evil

4. Remember the saucepan day and keep it Lemony, On this day thou shalt take a break....have a kitkat

5. Honor thy Lemon and thy Saucepan

6. Thou shalt not kill any Lemons or Saucepans. Thou shalt not squeeze a lemon or burn a saucepan

7. Thou shalt not run off with other fruits, vegetables or kitchen appliances

8. Thou shalt not steal a lemon or saucepan, thou must keepith thy fellow groser and currys worker in buisiness.

9. Do not fausely accuse thy fellow lemon and saucepan worshiper of stealing

10. Thou shalt not covert another mans Lemon or Saucepan.
The Lemon and Saucepan club
by Lemon Lezog Lemming LeMoon October 29, 2004
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