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The Last Border 1 a hunter's concept of death 2 an attack of a bear 3 the cornerstone of a hunter, the yearning for death as a life from the dying fall hunting lands 4 facing death in The Far Border 5 the life of a hunter, that ends in a natural death in the fall, to what the hunter feels he belongs to 6 every facing in the wild land 7 the feeling of afterlife a hunter experiences when in the fall distant hunting lands, the end of life for the hunter, the yearning for death, and the vibe of it while on a trek through fall. (Compare to The Far Border). The term is coined by the founder and author of Deeprespecting Philosophy, Jonas Sandison.
The last border existed as an abstract. It was death in all its form. But it was also a place, somewhere in the deepest wilderness of fall.
by houseofsquirrel December 30, 2014
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