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The sexual act between a couple in which the Man stands up with his legs a little bit apart and facing forward while the Woman or Man kneel behind the man looking dead center into his asshole. The Person that is kneeling will put one of their hands on the ballsack, (The Trigger), and one hand on the Penis, (The Sniper Barrel). Every time the person kneeling pulls the Ballsack/Trigger, their other hand will go back and forth in a jerking motion on the Cock/Barrel. While doing this, the person will need direct aim on their target. They will then use the Man that is standing up's Asshole as a thermal scope to find the direct area to Jizz. Once the man ejaculates, He will then shit on the Woman or Man's eye that they used for aiming in the Thermal Ass scope, leading to a case of extreme pink eye. The person on their knees will then lick up the cum from wherever it landed.
Bella wanted her boyfriend Scott to Cum on the couch, so she decided to perform The Kansas City Sniper Rifle to get direct aim of the Impact
by HolerMolertup April 29, 2016
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