The second-best metal album ever made, behind only Dark Tranquillity's The Gallery. Recorded in 1995 by In Flames, it stands as their seminal accomplishment seconded by 1994's Lunar Strain and 1997's Whoracle. A true testament to spectacular riff-writing and guitarwork, every song has at least three distinct riffs, with a very dynamic lead guitar and a strong rhythm guitar and frequent double leads in parts. The vocals are powerful but not spectacular in any way and the lyrics are closer to poetry than 99% of music gets. The drumming is very fast and clean, but the drums and bass tend to make way for the guitar, which is clearly the highlight of the album and of In Flames in general, at least up until 2002's Reroute to Remain. A true testament to the riff- and solo-writing prowess of Jesper Stromblad, and a fantastic journey into another land, where creative and unrepetitive music reigns supreme. When combined with the 1996 EP Black-Ash Inheritance, it becomes an even better album simply due to the addition of In Flames's best song they ever wrote, Goliaths Disarm Their Davids, an epic track that stands out on an album that is nothing but epic tracks. A must-have for any fan of metal.
Man 1: In Flames is obviously a shite band. Clearly they're just another commercialized Slipknot knockoff.

Man 2: Not exactly. *hands Man 1 a copy of The Jester Race*
by Stand Ablaze September 30, 2005
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