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One of the most difficult drinking games known to alcoholic kind, and the mightiest of quests for college students. Not a game of skill, stupidity or even chance. Just a plain old classic Endurance test.

The instructions are simple: You and your mates (Or just you if you're one of those people who watch that kids show with the ponies) sit around a TV each with an alcoholic beverage, usually beer because anything higher and you're sure to perish in a sea of your own chugg nuggets, and you all watch the movie Goodfellas.

There are but two main rules: 1. Once the movie begins every player has to view the ENTIRE film. You can pause it to take a slash since you're going to be drinking a lot, but no missing out on anything, especially dialogue. 2. Every single time the word 'fuck' is uttered, you take a gulp. This includes 'fucking', 'fucker' and 'fucked'.

This may sound easy. This may sound like your average way to get rid of your leftover booze from the night before. And if you've got a small dick it may seem like the best way to nail a drunk chick.

It's not.

There are exactly 300 f-bombs thrown in this film, which means that if you were to take a 25 ml shot of beer every single time the word 'fuck' is uttered in this movie, by the end of it you would have consumed roughly 17 cans, or 15 pints.

Good idea at first. Damn good fun to begin with. Fucking nightmare by the third act. Ocean of pain the next morning.
Me and my buddy tried The Goodfellas Drinking Game the other night and we woke up covered in puke and beer with a turd in the middle of the room.
by Snuggles McCuddlesworth March 10, 2014
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