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When your with your friends on a Friday night, and walk around town hopelessly in search of something to do. It usually ends in failure, making everybody wanting to go home hoping tomorrow will be a better day. Worse of all, its a complete waste of your Friday night
Boy 1: Shit dude, we're stuck in the Friday night dilemma again.. WHAT CAN WE DO!?"

Boy 2: How about we go over my house and play COD?"

Boy 3: Fuck COD dude, If i wanted to stay in tonight I would've.. how about we walk over down to the mall and try to get some girls? Maybe we'll get lucky!

Boy 4: Screw your shit, we did this last week. Listen, I'm going home, tonight fucking sucked.

Boy 1: OH COME ON! Listen, how about we smoke some of my bud and we'll go watch a movie at my place?

Boy 2: Fuck it, I don't even want to. Tonight sucks and you know it, peace bro.
by alexandah November 12, 2010
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