A rather unusual change in the daily social activities, usually in large numbers, between the months October and November (length and date may vary according to location) usually, though not limited, for students.

The effect occurs when majority, if not all, social activities come to complete halt. This can be observed most vividly in the internet socialization sites (i.e. Facebook, Myspace, etc.).

Many are prone to being affected by "The Fall Break Effect" and can happen with or without warning. Some show verbal signs to others by mentioning a trip, while some may disappear without warning.

Now, exactly where the affected individuals travel are unknown. The only factor that is shared in common, is the fact that social communication is cut dramatically, especially on the internet.

The correlation of the internet and "The Fall Break Effect" is not known as of now. The only known fact is when the time of "The Fall Break Effect" arrives in the area, the affected students, for a limited time, change their daily activity and reduce the social activities.
...With Warning...

Bob: Hey, I'm gonna be gone for about a week. My family and I are taking a trip to my Grandparent's.

Joe: Oh, well have fun.

*a day later...*

Joe: hmm...Bob isn't on Facebook, or on Instant Messanger as usual...that's strange. Ah, must be "The Fall Break Effect."

...Without Warning...

Joe: Ah, it's fall break! Time to talk to my friends.

*uses internet social site*

Joe: Wow, 9 of my 10 friends who are constantly online are all of a sudden not...that's strange. Maybe it's "The Fall Break Effect."
by AStudentOnTheInternet October 16, 2010