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The Emerald Arcade is Derf's place of awesome awesomeness. Upon arrival you are greeted by awesome E3 booth babes and such a rush of massive awesomeness that you might as well be getting super-powers. In the general atrium-like room of the Emerald Arcade is every video game that has ever, or is yet to be, made. It holds unbelievably advanced technology and if you ask nicely Derf may grant you your own personal heaven, within Derf reason though. The Emerald Arcade holds all things any human gamer or techno-geek could ever want or need. It is the highest thing any human being could ever aspire to, though it's not that difficult to get in.
(Guy noclips into the Emerald Arcade)
Guy: It's... so...BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Guy: There are hot girls, and video games and ZOMG is that Halo 1086546374?! This is awesome!
by Derf's Prophet October 07, 2009
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