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The "Either / Or" party game is a game of choices played in a closed room (no spectators). It is played with 4 or more players. This is a no questions asked consensual adult game. Players agree to follow the rules and leave ego and inhibitions at the door. It requires one set of dice, three bottles of liquor (marked A, B, and C), a hat (or large bowl), and a list of ultimatums written on paper. The set up is simple. Each player is assigned a number on the dice (1 -12). Use more dice if more players are present. Write ultimatums on each piece of paper, fold them, and place them in the hat. The papers read like "take off one article of clothing OR take one shot from bottle A". They can be as risque as you like. They can say "Drink 2 shots from bottle C OR place your hands down player #4's pants for 2 minutes" or "Take off one article of clothing OR french kiss the person directly to your right for 1 minute". No activity can last more than 2 minutes though (it slows the action). Most "Truth or Dare dares can apply as long as it is given in two different choices.
Playing "The Either / Or Party Game": Everyone sits in a circle with the hat, 3 bottles, and dice in the middle. Each player takes a turn (going clockwise) starting with the oldest person first. Once play starts, anyone can forfeit their turn by simply taking off an article of clothing and drinking a shot of one of the bottles (both must be done). Any player can "fold (quit) at any time. A folding player must stay in the circle in their underwear for the duration of the rest of the game. The folded person still holds their dice number, and must continue to participate if a playing member rolls their number. Unconscious players are excempt from all game activity since consent is not available. The winner is the last person to fold. Game can also end with a vote of all players (folded and active).
by Mr. Funtime August 12, 2011
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