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The Duskfall is a Sweedish death metal band from Luleå, Sweden. Their style is notable as being in the vein of melodic death but also having a lot of technical ability, especially prevalent in the numerous harmonic riffs and passages in their songs.

Kai Jaakkola (lead singer) has a unique style of growling/yelling, similar to Randy Blythe from Lamb of God in that it is very harsh, yet still understandable. The guitar and drum work go very good together, blending well together and giving the songs an almost epic-like feel without straying too far into the power genre. If you are into death metal that is not just mindless double bass and tremolo picking with unintelligible growls/screams, you should probably check this band out.

The Duskfall is:

* Kai Jaakkola; vocals
* Mikael Sandorf; guitar
* Antti Lindholm; guitar
* Matte Järnil; bass guitar
* Oskar Karlsson; drums
The video for the song "Shoot it In" from The Duskfall is featured in the Xbox 360/Playstation 3 game The Darkness.
by Orin Jenckes February 26, 2008
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