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Guys who are VERY attractive, sexy, hot, fine, very fuckable... Like damn why is he so good looking... and then you hear the voice.. and say OH SHIT he has the David Beckham Syndrome.

In case you live under a rock and don't know who David Beckham is... well let's just say you need to take a look at that sexy fine piece of ass yourself; under google images... and then listen to his voice on youtube.

See the problem with this Syndrome is... that these guys are SO fucking perfect but then... that voice.. It's SO fucking unmanly and sounds like a little 7 year old school boy. It's so wrong and such a turn off. But why are they so sexyy.. and then you question yourself if you should find another man or continue with the David Beckham Syndrome man like Victoria Beckham chose to.. :(

Now if you're a guy with this problem... we suggest you never speak.. or you better have money and lots of it, like David Beckham ;)
Some fine sexy ass of man approaches you at a club.. you start dancing.. thinking damn he's so fine.. and then after the song is over or you decide to talk.. you hear the voice.. and in your head you're like FUCK he has the David Beckham Syndrome.
by Very concerned girls!!!!! January 01, 2010
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