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A group of girls who came together to accomplish one thing every time they go out...PARTY. They love being with each other and helping them through everything and anything. Whether they are passed out drunk in a college dorm room or at a family reunion, you can guarantee that these girls will all be there, by each other's side. They would do anything for each other and wouldn't let one another down. They have the funniest times together and the other half of the time they can't remember what happened! They spend the whole next day trying to piece it all together alongside the crazy pictures from the night before. Initiation is tough, pierced, vomiting, drunken nights, all comes along with The Crew™. Once you're in, don't think it will always be that easy to stay there!
Person 1: Hey what are you doing tonight?
The Crew™ member: Oh i'm going out with The Crew™
Person 2: Oh my god! Those girls know how to party and are so hot.
by jgz3ts November 10, 2012
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