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a really gross story which will probably lose your appetite after the story
The Corndog Story
there once was three bums outside of a restaurant. Two of the bums dared one of the bums to go in and beg for food. He goes inside and sees a lady. He goes up to her and begs for food she says only if you fuck me in the back room. He says ok. when they get there he really did not want to do it so he looks to the side and sees some corn dogs she turned around he stuck the corn dog in her ass she said "oh" because she thought it was his dick she said "do that again" so he did it again he threw them out the window because they came out red so he got all he can eat he went out side and he said guys i got all i can eat they said so we got two condogs with ketchup
by r4nd0mh3r06 May 03, 2009
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