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So basically, the American government has developed a lie that Canada exists and is above us But they make it sound so un-American no one wants to either go there, or stay too long in the ten mile long mirage they've created to keep the lie strong. Everyone who "lives" in Canada or "has lived" in Canada has been probed mentally to believe so, and what really is there, is IT. We cannot be sure what, who, how, why or when IT is, all we know is we must train a warrior, stronger than Chuck Norris, to overcome the deception of Canada, and discover and conquer IT. Just think about....
Justin bieber is Canadian, so that makes people not want to visit, Canadian bacon which is a disgrace to bacon is from Canada to decieve us to hate it, they have stupid cop names (Mounties) that make us dislike them. The Conspiracy of Canada is most definitely real and IT is waiting for the warrior
by Joseph Downey January 15, 2014
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