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The Common Plague is a very bad disease, mainly caught on Tumblr. The symptoms include: coughing up bad memes, getting triggered, going on Tumblr. regularly, saying SWAG, and saying YOLO.
If you have a worse condition, please consult the definition of the Uncommon Plague.
The Common Plague can be cured by using injecting dank memes directly into your blood stream.
Guy 1: Hey want to go play some CSGO or something?
Guy 2: No I can't, I have the Common Plague.
Guy 1: Oh my god dude, how long have you been on Tumbr. for?
Guy 2: I'm not sure.
Guy 1: Be careful next time, or you might get the Uncommon Plague.
Guy 2: Oh yeah, thanks man.
by Mr.MemerTheDankTerrorist May 20, 2016
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