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The wind turbine at Key West High School that was named after Stephen Colbert. The naming was passed by unanimous vote from the Monroe County School Board after being proposed by Heindrek A., a senior at the school.

The turbine is part of the school's alternative energy program and is the southernmost turbine in the US. Both the turbine and the naming of the turbine have received national attention including a grant from HP, being covered on, and other blogs, papers, etc. However, at this time, Stephen Colbert has not successfully been contacted about appearing at the 03/20/10 ribbon cutting ceremony.

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Holy kaw! Maybe the Colbert eagle will perch atop the Colbert Wind Turbine and peer up at the space station which holds the C.O.L.B.E.R.T. treadmill!!?!
by InsanitySektor February 10, 2010
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