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The hardcore devotees of the Rucka Rucka Ali

Taking the idea of his parody to a different level as if he was god or Jesus ( which is funny seeing as it is a parody of a Church) it is a fan page that puts a funny spin on the idea of a Fan Page.
The Church Of Rucka is an alliance of many races and cultures,

The church was born and a structured ministry developed around his videos and the practitioners of the faith keep his videos safe downloading the old scriptures and the new to share them with the people for generations to come, with this the Vault of the Church was created to allow the re-uploading of them scriptures when the heathens flag them or have them removed.

Not a great deal is know about Rucka Rucka Ali but his charismatic persona united his people (the Nuckas) his goal to make awesome funny parodies ( and money) in order to bring absolute tranquility and understanding among all the Races. and in the hope it is maintained long
after his passing the Church and it's clergy aim to uphold this ideal.
by A Nucka4life January 09, 2011
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