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1. A bus on the University of Minnesota campus which brings students from both east and west bank to St.Paul campus and vice versa.
2. A sex position in which one girl sexually pleases three male University of Minnesota students at the same time: one from East bank vaginally, one from West bank anally, and one from St.Paul orally.
3. Name attributed to any girl who has participated in the sex position, the campus connector.
1. Guy 1: "How are you gonna get to class on time?"
Guy 2: "I'll just hop on the connector."

2.Guy 1: "Do you think I should go for her? She seems cute."
Guy 2: "I wouldn't. I heard some guys pulled the campus connector on her last week."

3.Guy 1:"Hey do you know if Rachel did anything while I was visting my family last week?"
Guy 2: "Rachel? Oh, you mean the campus connector."
by stryker94 November 29, 2012
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