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The Brevvs are perfect in just about every single way possible. Everyone wants to be a Brevv cos if your a Brevv your better, more fashionable and more attractive than everyone else. The Brevvs are lead by Camp D or Brevva D he loves GHD's and he aspires to be a model. Charlie Marling is a cunt and to him appearance is everything which makes his aweful acne even worse. The brevvs are not just male there are also female brevvs that are so unbelievably fit, they are also known as sluts. If your a brevv you can only shop in Top Man, River Island, Burton or various other fashion boutiques. A normal Brevvs ambition is to work as a Top Man Mannequin and/or be in Skins. Brevvs are also known as plastics again because there perfect and everyone wants to be like them.
Camp D- Charlie Babes have you seen my GHD's?
Charlie Marling- I aspire to be a graphic designer.
Camp D- I aspire to be a model but i need my GHD's.
Charlie Marling- To me appearance is everything. I am Charlie Marling. And you are not as good as me. Cos i'm a member of The Brevvs

by Just a Brevv June 21, 2008
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