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Upon venturing into the glory hole of your sexual partner, after giving her one hell of an orgasm, she will emit a moan of pure ecstasy, and you will know you've completed a job well done.

NOTE: This is synonymous with "Completing Your Final Mission"
Little Tony, everyone's lovable little scamp, went to a party with his more matured friends. He meets a girl.

Enter Tony, stage left

Tony: Hey there. Would you like to talk with me for a little while?

Esmeralda: Sure sweet heart.

Enter Mordechai, Tony's wingman.

Mordechai: Hey there, Tony ol' buddy ol' pal! I see you've been hittin' it off with this hoe for a little while now. You gonna fuck her or what?

Tony: Oh, um, excuse me miss, my friend here is a little under the influence. You see, his blood alcohol content has exceeded its-

Esmeralda: Oh it's okay, I'm used to it.

Suddenly, Mordechai arouses the crowd, and a riot breaks out, in which Tony and Esmeralda surf the crowd together.

Tony: Oh my, I knew I shouldn't have come to this shindig! I have a test tomorrow!

Esmeralda: You need to lighten up, big boy. You as tense as a bag o' chips.

Suddenly, Mordechai and the others throw Tony and Esmeralda in a room, and the door is blocked by the fellow party-goers. They are in the room alone for 3 hours. This is the first time they have been alone all night.

After being in the room for all that time, the door knob began to twist. Everyone fell silent and stared at the door.

After it opened, Tony stood there, belt buckle undone.

Tony: The Boys Come Marching Home.

The crowd bursts into cheers

Mordechai: LET'S PARTY

Suddenly, "Feeling Hot Hot Hot" started playing, and everyone danced

by Mother Fucker Extrodinaire November 28, 2009
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