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That funny, kinda dumb, somewhat overweight and going-nowhere guy in your group of friends. He often thinks he is the coolest guy in the world, does crazy stuff and never fails to make you laugh. Great for entertaining females at a bar, while not posing much of a sexual threat, you know, unless they're into that sort of thing.

Note: The Big Lebrowski is not required to bowl.
Bro 1: Why do we still hang around with Jesse? He's a huge pot head with no aspirations in life, who sits around all day and watches Family Guy and plays video games.

Bro 2: Yeah dude, but he's funny, and we always meet a ton of girls when he's around.

Bro 1: True. Jesse sure is the Big Lebrowski.
by Fredrich von Hollern September 12, 2009
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