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A system developed between two guys to allow them to speak about females directly in front of them, or without other guys knowing who they are talking about.

The possibilites are endless, you can use numbers..."becky 1,2,3..."....initials..."becky M,G,S"...or you can even get creative and use nicknames ..."becky big boob", or "becky bitch face" The becky system is a sure fire way to say whats on your mind, no matter the place or time.
Matt- "Dude did you see becky 2 at lunch today , shes looking mighty fine"
Ed-"Bro tell me about it, but original becky is looking perfect at the moment.
Tang-"You guh-guh-guh guys! wh-w-who are you ta-ta talking about, why you do this?
Matt-"dude, you have never heard of the becky system?
by randomgingerkid July 15, 2014
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