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When a bunch of white people gather into a small room with white walls and wood floors, and then proceed to insert coffee bean of various sizes and grades into each others' rectum.

Traditionally, the Backwards Charlie originated in a room in Charleston, SC where a bunch of people under the influence of THC (not to be confused with the phone company HTC) first pioneered the event.

Additionally, this practice has included the use of fine exotic and smooth coffee beans such as: Aribica, Scandinavia, and Columbica Amazonius.

Traditionally, the Backwards Charlie can be performed in a various assortment of positions and sizes. Their is shape, square, rhombus, and 90 degree angel positions.

Finally, the Backwards Charlie concludes once all members in the room have inserted their respected coffee beans into the rectum of their respective partners. Then, each participant proceeds to take an enema and violently shat upon the upper bodal regions of each person in a non-demeaning and artistic fashion.
Person A: Did you hear of those kids who committed the Backwards Charlie?

Person B: No, what happened?

Person A: Dude, they all ended up in the emergency room and said the whole thing was worse than watching Cannibal Holocaust.
by Zob- The Wubbler January 27, 2011
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