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a super progressive and experimental music group based in Burlington, Vermont. they feature an eclectic variety of instruments from the acoustic drum set, alto sax, fiddle (not to be mistaken with the violin), harmonica, recorder, didgeridoo, and anything else that might come their way. you might see them around town covering songs like Call Me Maybe, Men at Work, and the all favorite - Pomp and Circumstance (live).

and not to be confused with the all acclaimed band "The All American Rejects" who are in no way a reference or inspiration - they just happen to spell 'rejex' differently.
"Today I was talking down a dead end and could hear the alto sax in the distance - it must be those All American Rejex again."

"Right when I thought I would never get to hear all my favorite instruments, I found the band the All American Rejex."
by american's rejex April 10, 2013
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