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When a female (or male if your gay) is sleeping, you wake up before them and lay them belly down to the bed, tying your spouces arms and legs to the bed causing them to be bed bound so no movement in possible. Then bring a 12 foot ladder into the room. Begin masturbating to get a erection and jump in a spread eagle motion into your asleep partners ass hole. Causing a amazing, spontanious reaction with your partner. WARNING: May cause Death, Anal Bleeding, AND/OR Broken Cock, head trauma, nose bleed, erectile disfunction heptititus A AND/OR B, hair loss, asthema, and poo poo on your dick.
Dave,why are you upset? where is your wife? I gave her the infamous base jump and she died of eternal ass bleeding... Oh dear
by Quastel Laywanka April 16, 2010
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