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When you start campaigning so strongly against a song you like perfectly fine that it begins to appear as if you loathe it, all because it is endangering a song you like far better in a round of Weezer Survivor. Eventually you will have argued so strongly against this song in attempt to save the song you love more that even though you might have categorized it as "very good" before its placement in Weezer Survivor, it is now simply "Just okay".
The complete process of The Weezer Survivor Effect:
Step 1: You think No One Else is a very good song.
Step 2: No One Else beats songs you like way more in Weezer Survivor.
Step 3: You complain that No One Else is not better than the songs you like more.
Step 4: You begin to give reasons No One Else is not that great.
Step 5: You now think No One Else is an okay song at best.
Step 6: "Damn, The Weezer Survivor Effect got me again."
*Replace No One Else with any Weezer song that fits*
by shishkabob3787 February 19, 2018
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