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love the Thomas Kissing Game. (so called after the first Thomas we played with was Thomas).

The rules are simple:
1. Select a 'Thomas' this can be someone you know, or for the more advanced players, a random in a pub/club/public area.
2. Player 1 kisses the 'Thomas' without him noticing (usually on the back or shoulder)
3. The following players take it in turns to kiss the Thomas
4. There is no winner, but you lose if you get punched by the Thomas
5. Actually you can win if you are the last to get punched.

The more long and lingering your kiss the better
Eye contact with a rival player during kiss is an extra nice touch
kudos is awarded for kissing in special zones (Thomas' have been kissed on the shoe and crotch)
It is also acceptable to recruit the help of others not initially involved in the game to kiss Thomas. This works particularly well with girls kissing a male Thomas because they are much less likely to get punched.
For players aged 5+
no of players 2-12

Now get out there and enjoy it.

Y: Lets play the Thomas Kissing Game

X: Who is the 'Thomas' tonight? how about that really annoying prick over there.

Y: No way, lets make it that geeky boy over there.

X: OK, I will go first, but remember i am kissing him but looking at you.
by simonmillage October 13, 2008
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