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A sex position invented by the American Army during the Vietnam Conflict since they had nothing else to do in between pillaging helpless vietnamese other than smoke pot and try to refrain from gay sex. The Thinker 270 involves a woman posing as the famous Thinker statue by Van Gogh, except she is turned 270 degrees as the name implies.

She must balance on 2 knees and the elbow of the arm that is touching her chin, so as to maintain the perfect Thinker posture which also gives her the ideal structural balancing position with 3 points of tangency to the ground. Meanwhile, with her feet in the air she must give the man behind her a foojob, and she must use her free hand to fondle the sack of the man in front of her while he fucks her in the mouth.

This position is called the Thinker because Van Gogh used to manifest it onto his Chinese Prostitutes which also inspired him to make the statue.
Rush Limbaugh- Hey Joe wanna go snort some lines off that hooker's ass?
Joe Wilson- How about we snort some lines off her ass and then give her The Thinker 270 in appreciation of Van Gogh?
Rush Limbaugh- I find his art inspirational, let's go!
by Crunkjesus2 November 06, 2009
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