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Like the friend zone, except you are held in digital captivity. One who is in the Snapchat zone is unable to communicate with their romantic interest outside of Snapchat, regardless of logistical capabilities. In other words, even if you are next-door neighbors with your Snapchat crush, said crush will not allow you to hang out with them in person due to unreasonable yet convincingly-delivered excuses such as "my next day off is 64 months from now" or "my friend just broke up with her boyfriend," both of which tend to occur at a statistically impossible rate.
Tyron: "Ayo Karen, you down to grab some din-din & throw down some peppermint schnapps tonight?"
Karen: "I would but my dog just turned into a cat and I'm kind of freaking out."
Tyron: "But you just posted that you were bored and wanted someone to chill with on your Snap Story!"
Karen: "Yeah but that was like 5 seconds before my dog turned into a cat."
Tyron: "We live literally 10 feet from each other, it can't be that hard to meet up!"
Karen: "Soon, Tyron, soon! But for now, you're in the Snapchat Zone."
by snazziclewinesicle June 16, 2018
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