A terrible illness that must be cured. This trend is the worst of the worst. Some claim the fashion was derived from the 80's. Others say it's a whole new idea. The image alone has complete control over its victims personality. Many "un-influenced" kids have tried to cure this disease, but this epidemic is too powerful; it have spread to countless victims.

Symptoms of Scene Trend:

*To you being scene isn't just an image, it's a way of life.

*You claim not to label yourself, regardless of how you obviously try to follow the trend.

*Idolizing the following: Audrey Kitching, Jeffree Star, Kiki Kannibal, Alex Evans, DaniGore or any type of internet whore.

*You have "unique" hair.

*You say the following phrases exceedingly: "haters make me famous", "you're just jealous", "i'm original"

*Your nickname has one of these words: Massacre, Horror, Tragedy, Gore, etc...

*You socialize with anybody that has the same haircut as the next scene kid.

___Major symptoms of Scene Trend___

*Assume that anyone that does't like you is either fat, ugly, racist, 12 years old, or jealous.

*You have an ego
person #1: How do i get scene hair?!?! and where can i buy scene clothes?!?

person #2: It's a good thing you asked me. Let me tell you about the Scene Trend before it rapes you.
by cheeznipzryummy December 9, 2008
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