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Easily the BIGGEST joke in North Carolina's music scene. An untalented screamo band full of wannabe scene kid douchebags. These "musicians", who choose to dress and act like homosexuals, are frequently flamed for their out-of-place egos, controversial "Christian" principles, and their holier-than-thou attitudes towards people who would rather listen to real metal, not to mention the fact that their music is TERRIBLE. Their sole audience consists of around 15 or 16 easily-impressionable 14 year-old girls, who for some reason, believe that they sound like Attack! Attack!, or Rocky Loves Emily, or other screamo bands that suck just a little bit less.
Hey man, did you check out "The Sacred Code" at the luna bean last night?

Yeah. And they sucked.
by Ha!letsdoit March 04, 2011
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