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This position is used to show your girl you truly adore her with a little surprise right as you put it in.
The following steps define this sex position:

1. Don’t be sloppy on the job and forget to warm her up first!
2. When the time is nigh, flip her over on her belly, legs together, with a pillow of sorts under her pelvis to prop her ass up without any strain on her part. She should also be resting on her forearms (this will be important for the defining bit of this position)
3. Then, as she can’t see you, grab the ice cream, cupcake, mochi, or another of her favorite deserts that you’ve hidden close by, and right as you enter her, simultaneously bring the dessert into her line of sight.
4. As you slowly fuck her, spoon feed her the desert so that she doesn’t even have to lift a finger.
5. You’ve succeeded if she doesn’t have to do any work as you put delightful things in various holes.

Extra credit if you have the core strength to massage her clit with your free hand.
So we were doing The Princess (sex position), right, because it was our anniversary and all, and then get this, she spits out the ice cream in the middle of it, tells me I got the wrong kind, and that if I want to continue I'll have to go back to the store and return with her other favorite flavor.
by agr3.14 May 24, 2018
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