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When bad visual artists (the illustrative kind) drop Pablo Picasso's name in the middle of a discussion to defend their lack of skill. The defense is usually made after people suggest problem areas the artists may want to work on- especially anatomy- and typically comes coupled with a phrase like "it's my style." Think of it like Godwin's Law, but for artists.
Artist A: You have some problems with proportions and either draw hands backwards or hide them in characters' pockets/behind their backs. I suggest studying from real people for a while, and even though it sucks, try not to hide them as much. You won't get better at drawing hands if you avoid them. The rest of your stuff looks really good, though. I like the way you shade hair. Great work!

Artist B: Fuck you motherfucker. You think you can tell me what to fucking do?! Did you think for a second that maybe there's nothing wrong with my anatomy? Maybe you're fucking blind but people mess with proportions ALL THE TIME. Not everyone draws realism you dumb shit. My styles just different from what you think is PERFECT AND SUPER WONDERFUL DESU! Pablo Picasso's anatomy wasn't perfect either. He drew ugly abstract shit all the time. Why aren't you complaining about how fucked up HIS anatomy was, huh?! HUH?!!! GO FUCK YOURSELF!!

Artist A: Pablo Picasso mastered realism when he was a teenager. He didn't make abstract things because he didn't know how to draw people. He drew them that way purposely after learning anatomy. You have to know the rules before you can break them. Stop using the Picasso defense to justify your flaws. Backwards thumbs and hiding hands isn't a style.
by Jakkrobbit July 23, 2013
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