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If someone is being a complete faggot, or douchebag, The Peace Rule can be used to make them leave. You can do this by "Peacing", which is the act of yelling "PEACE!" while making the peace sign towards someone. If the person receives a Peace from 3 different people, they must leave the near area. In order to get kicked out of a house, or completely leave a vicinity, they must receive 5 peaces. The owner of the house has "House Peace", which counts as 2 peaces. When you have to leave completely, everyone yells Peace, which is called "Supreme Peace", and is more of an honor rather than getting kicked out. You can not get peaced out of your own house, and you can't make someone peace if they are smoking you out.
Bryce: That kid is being a faggot...
Owen: I kinda wanna punch him in the face!
Colby, Matt, Bryce, Troy, Owen: (To Kid) PEACE!
Annoying Kid: Awwe man. 5 Peaces? I have to leave the house...(leaves house)
Everyone: I'm glad we have The Peace Rule
by SorryUrAdopted April 14, 2011
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