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Ten Commandments originating from the Jamesernaut. Drafted by the Pau Pau and emulated by the Hand of God.

I. Thou shalt hunt females for their pleasures.
II. Thou shalt wingman for thyne brother.
III. Thou shalt not cock block.
IV. Thou shalt purchase alcohol and late night food at a gratuitous level.
V. Thou shalt indulge in sinful acts of sex.
VI. Thou shalt find humor in all circumstances and create it if it exists not by doing stupid things.
VII. Thou shalt film stupid things done from VI.
VIII. Thou shalt Doot thy neighbor and friend, as they Doot upon you.
IX. Thou shalt enjoy technology of Xbox on 50 inch plasma with Bose sub-woofer surround sound in all its glory.
X. Thou shalt not fuck with James or risk a lethal GUTN.
I live by the Order of James and I love my life to the fullest.

The Order is right, I fucked with James and got a severe GUTN. Now I'm numb from the dick down.

I broke the Order of James and then my balls exploded while I got monkey raped by Zugluu the Gorilla.
by November 13, 2009
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