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When someone (a troll) messes up your day by stopping you as your about to do something awesome. Like Gary Oak, from the original Pokemon Red & Blue games.

Pokemon = Real Life
1 pkmn, and it's health is red = you need to pee
half pokemon are poisoned = you need to vomit
half pokemon are lower leveled = you need to go NOW.

Gary Oak comes out as you're at the exit of the cave and challenges you to a battle.
That really annoying person who you dont like, but are nice to anyways, comes out as you're about to leave this totally boring place and guilt-trips you into staying.

Yeah, that guy just pulled the ol' Gary.
Has anyone got Pokemon Black and White yet?
Girl: Awww man!
Guy: What???
Girl: N just pulled the ol' Gary on me. :C

Girl: Wow, I should be leaving now....
Annoying guy who likes girl: Oh!! Why?! :C
Girl: Well, uhh.....I have to....go pick up some groceries!
Annoying guy who likes girl: But the store's several miles away and you cant drive yet. :/
Girl:..............haaaa I was just! (oh gosh...he just pulled the ol' Gary...)
by NsGIRLFRIEND March 11, 2011
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