"The North of Ireland" (pronounced, "Tha Nairth af Airland.") Is a name used by Irish Nationalists and Republicans to refer to Northern Ireland. It is so called to attempt to ignore British rule over Northern Ireland and instead refer to it as part of the Republic of Ireland.
Irish Republican: " so Gerry, yer headin up to the North of Ireland the mara?"
Gerry: "Och aye just for the day."
by Sonofulster April 6, 2015
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What Republicans or all Sinn Fein MLA's say when they are speaking about "Northern" Ireland
Gerry Adams: "The people from the North of Ireland voted to remain in the EU so we urge the European Union to designate special status for the people of the North to remain."
by MrFluckDuck June 13, 2017
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