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What is needed for this task;
1. man
2. partner
3. condom
4. sperm
5. anus
6. mouth
7. desire for the freakiest sex out there

After night out wining and dining with your partner you bring them back for some fantastic loving. This is a move for the end of the night. After having sexual intercourse, using a condom and there is a little collection of sperm in the tip. Remove the condom from the shaft of the penis and insert the bottom of the condom in to your anus so that it is hanging down like the fruit of the pawpaw tree. Then get your partner to nibble and suckle at it like a baby pig until all the sperm is removed. After you can spoon.

1. Mmm The North Berwick Nibbler was sooo good

2. I like to do The North Berwick Nibbler every Tuesday
by Callum Russell March 01, 2009
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