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walking into any social situation where the drop-dead gorgeous / target of your affection / affinity is co-mingled with other - shall we say - less attractive colleagues. You immediately approach your high-value target (HVT) and, sensing her pre-rejection, introduce yourself and hold her attention long enough to have her introduce you to one of the 'grenades' she came in with. Target immediately intuits YOUR rejection as a threat to her survival, triggering her own insecurity, which is further informed by her perceived loss of social status, along with the requisite material security garnered by same, etc, and she effects a 180-degree Vis-a-vis her initial reaction to you and proceeds to 'cock block' her friends and you win....
Dude: (while approaching HVT) "'s it going? Can I....

HVT: "LISTEN! I'm not interested, okay?!"

Dude: "Oh, me either. I was actually going to ask you to introduce me to your friend over there. Do you mind?"

HVT: (absorbs blow -- soul flinches) "Uhhh.......I'm sorry. My name is Paris. What's your name?

This completes The Negative Hustle....voila!
by TheNegativeHustler August 01, 2010
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