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Warning: This definition contains a high amount of BLEUGHUGHER

What is BLEUGHUGHER(BLEH-URGHER?)?: BLEUGHUGHER is the colour that came before all colours. That includes white. Generally in theory people say that it is between the colours green and blue. However that is not true, this particular colour is between turquoise, and if you look even more carefully, it is between all colours.

The Mystery:
Now there is one special thing about 'BLEUGHUGHER' it does not exist in our dimension, yet it is all around us (I've seen it). The sensation that it radiates is a mental high coming from life, this element IS GOOD FOR YOU. (I forgot to mention in the other section, the colour is also between octarine).

it is made in a special way, in this other dimension, clouds made up of stars radiate the element. If you get your try hard eyes and watch 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' you can see the whole movie …

Interesting Facts:
My Little Ponys are made up of 'anti-BLEUGHUGHER'
If you stare into the sun for 10 minutes you have a 0.000001% chance of seeing 'BLEUGHUGHER'
Holy Shit! I don't exist! I just saw The Mystery Colour BLEUGHUGHER! or did i? O.o
by BLEUGHUGHER January 28, 2012
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