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The mod delusion occurs on internet forums, usually during heated debate about a given subject matter, where the moderators are actually engaged in the discussion, rather than sitting on the sidelines tight-lipped, as forum members seem to expect them to remain.
A forum member (usually one with a lower than average IQ) who is unable to accurately express his opinions, and/or who is clearly losing the argument, essentially breaks off from the logical reasoning, and claims one of several unrelated things - that the forum is run by power-hungry moderators, that the given moderator is a bad example of his role, or simply that its not fair…
The member fails to appreciate that a moderator is himself a member, and entitled to his opinion, and that (unless he is secretely editing the members posts) he is not abusing his position in any way by expressing them. The member is instead making himself look like a petulant child who is throwing his toys out of the pram because he is being outsmarted.
Member: I think the best colour is red
Moderator: I think its Blue.
Member: yeah, whatever, its Red.
Moderator: Its clearly Blue, based on independta studies carried out around the world, and pschyo-chromatic qualities of the colour blue, as evidenced through the last 2000 years of human art and design.
Member: OMFG dis forum is run by colour nazi's! You shouldnt be allowed to b a mod, im leaving, nothing you can say will make me stay, im never coming back
Moderator: Another example of the mod delusion. Bye
by Baron Von Winky January 22, 2012
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