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The Marsell Cock Tease (MCT) consists of a male who inserts his male reproductive organ between a female's breasts and proceeds to thrust repeatedly. After a short period of time, the male discontinues this procedure and visits the lavatory in an effort to place a prophylactic over his quivering member. Upon his return to the previous location, he finds the female covering her face and blushing from the situation. She then begins to redress and leave the premises.
Tom: Yo, Dino i just got a bad Cormier Cock Tease and it was the worst feeling ever!
Dino: Well my dear friend I dont believe it can be as bad as The Marsell Cock Tease (MCT) I just endured!
Tom: You're right. I like you **Both parties high five**
by Old Norse Γ•thinn March 23, 2008
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