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A game (Played between consenting people) in which the object is to score "points" on other players by sneaking up on them while they are bent over, standing behind them, and throwing their arms up in the air while saying "H!".

There is +1 point for a traditional H, +2 for a "Forward H" (Where you stand at the person's head level when they're bent over and make the H), Or +3 the "Eiffel Tower H" (Where two people H a person simultaneously, one performing a Traditional H, The other performing a Forward H. +3 points are then given to both H-ing parties.)

Some players also score points for making other letters, Such as a K, when a person is only partially bent over.
"Dude, Alex and I were playing the Lower Case H game while walking around the mall and he dropped his phone. When he bent over, I totally traditional H-ed him."

"Dan, When Ben puts that box away, we should totally Eiffel Tower H him."
by Julianthepyro November 02, 2011
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