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The effect of a negative teaching output displayed upon a student. Usually the student has learned absolutely nothing on a subject and is, for the most part, doomed for the exam.

The teacher has failed to prepare their class for the final exam through poorly taught lessons and leaving the class on cliffhangers on a daily basis. The teacher may or may not have an accent, which could further decrease your knowledge of the course. The teacher may also fail themselves, being unprepared for class and unknowing of the lessons they teach and questions they assign.

If you as a student has experienced any of these symptoms, then you have undergone "The Labana Effect"

Borrowed from "The Coriolis Effect" and/or "The Albedo Effect"
Person 1: Yo I'm so screwed for the exam...
Person 2: Yeah well, that's the Labana Effect
by Krazie_Azn_Kid June 16, 2009
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