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The jam scale is a method by which a song's quality may be determined subjectively, and ranges from 0-10. A song's jam rating is determined by several factors which themselves range from 0-10, and are averaged to achieve the final jam rating:

1. Verbal approval of the jam from the sample listening party.

2. Physical response to the jam (i.e. headbanging, toe-tapping, dancing, singing along, etc.)

3. Memorability/recognizability of the jam.

4. Broadness of the jam's appeal (e.g. a classical music fan headbanging to death metal).

5. The frequency of these responses based on repeated listening. A jam's rating may not be high at first, but may increase upon repeated exposure.

Due to the subjective nature of the jam scale, ratings can vary wildly from different sample groups. It is not recommended to pollute your own data with another group's, nor theirs with yours.
"Hey, I just found this sweet new track. I'd call it a 7-8 on the jam scale, but I'd have to get some numbers on that."
by Chrenolda June 14, 2018
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