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A pack of wave riding, beer slugging,420ing, my waves my beach go the fuckin back home tourist slanging, fun loving terrorial, maldunes that are local to some of the best sets know to man and and a southside left face thats proof that Gods a surfer
me " dude I fucking hate tourist they black ball the beach at 10 during the summer so from dawn patrol till then if some white trash SOB on a boogie board is in my water he's chum"
by "BaddAssKiwi" April 15, 2004
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bunch of surfers that are very territorial and spend most of our nights blitzed out of our skulls or trashed. usually hate tourists because they bring a bunch of douchebags that want to boogy board and clog up the water or bring these stuck up punks that think they can come here for a week or so and catch teh best waves out of all where the regulars dotn pull snake moves on every wave and cut pple off. all in all huntington beach surfers are just straight up cool people
Guy 1: dude that guy is obviously a tourist, hes on a boogie board and is snaking ever wave
Guy 2: yeah hes a douche
by hbsurfer April 03, 2005
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