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This is a sexual proclivity (fetish) where two individuals decide to come together in the bedroom. During The Hollywood Exchange, these individuals firmly press their anuses against each other. One individual then makes a bowel movement (BM) thereby pushing the excrement in to the other individual's anus.

Repeat as desired.

The name "The Hollywood Exchange" is a tongue in cheek reference to the culture of artificiality and marketing rampant in today's entertainment industry. Often lies and shallow "shit" is passed back and forth welcomingly between assholes.
Danny and Andrew really like to make each other feel great by complimenting one another. One night they decide to take it to the next level. The two gentlemen remove their drawers and press their assholes tightly against each other. Andrew passes a firm log out, and in to Danny's dirt star. Danny grins widely, proclaiming his thanks for The Hollywood Exchange.
by VeuveStoneLight November 02, 2013
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