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You're fucking a bitch- I mean having sex with a nice female... or male (whatever floats your boat) doggy style outside while your partner is hugging onto a tree for their dear life because you're a G, while at the same time you are leaning forward to lay on your partners back hugging underneath the breast tightly at a fast speed. You can also add on partners if you wanna take it to the next level. Make sure you finish off on your partners face(s) and the tree because chances are if your partner let you do this they're probably gonna like that freaky shit.
Moe: Hey Nate what were you doing in the forest last night with Beth?
Nate: Oh man, you would not believe it! Beth actually wanted to do The Hardcore Tree Hugger! I think I was going so hard that she was sliding all over the tree and shit? I don't know man, but all I know is she said she saw a Big Foot if you know what I mean!!
Moe: Damn Nate! So that's why she got splinters all over her face!
by HardcoreTreeHugger September 14, 2013
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