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Adjective. (Describing Word)

To be both a conformist and a hypocrite at the same time.

Conformist = Conform
Hypocrite = Ocrite

What a combination. It's basically when you find a person that will say he hates something in order to "fit in", and then find out it's actually cool, and then proceeds to do whatever is considered "cool" (The thing the person just said they hated).

Very rare, but if you know someone very well, a lot of them can sometimes be The Great Conformocrite.
Wow look at that creature being The Great Conformocrite. OH you mean Jason Kjell?! Oh yeah, he's gay.

Jason Kjell Says: Dude, I think having destroyed ripped up pants looks super homoish.

(We leave for X-mas break, then come back to school.)

The creature Jason Kjell is all prepped out, doing exactly what The Great Conformocrite would do.

(Jason Kjell is also a pussy-bitch.)
by Trifecta Face Supporter March 02, 2006
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